919Green is locally owned and operated.

919Green is Eco friendly cleaning, serving NC since 2006.

919Green brings professional detail and quality at a fair reasonable price.

919Green is Licensed and fully Insured, protecting you.

919Green uses S-Class Vacuums (hospital grade)

That is what makes 919Green outshine the competition

Current Safety Guidelines

 a. Even if all members of the home are fully vaccinated PLEASE remain in one room (that room that will be bypassed).


b. If any household member ABSOLUTELY MUST be out of their chosen room PLEASE wear a mask, as we will be to keep your family and you safe.


c. If we find people need to be out wandering the house we reserve the right to leave the home, with the entire payment, for the safety of our other clients, employees and ourselves.


Please continue to support your local businesses, we need each other now more than ever.  One week of paying sick leave for an entire staff, on top of a few cancellations/postponements, can close a small business for good.


Thanks! Message sent.

Pet Friendly


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