919Green is locally owned and operated.

919Green is Eco friendly cleaning, serving NC since 2006.

919Green brings professional detail and quality at a fair reasonable price.

919Green is Licensed and fully Insured, protecting you.

919Green uses S-Class Vacuums (hospital grade)

That is what makes 919Green outshine the competition

Current Safety Guidelines

Times are tough and our commitment to your safety and that of our staff is strong.

To keep us all safe and healthy we will follow the recommended guidelines from the CDC, Federal, State and local governments.

Our Part:

Your Part:

  • Keep your appointment if you/your family do not have signs of illness

  • If home, please pick a room to be skipped, STAY in it for the entire cleaning (usually 1-2hrs)... Do this for an hour before our arrival.

  • Do not wander around the home, going to the kitchen, etc.

  • If you must be out of your room WEAR A MASK, this is not an option. 

We do all of these to keep you safe, please have the same consideration for our staff, us and our other customers.


New Clients:

  • We require all members of the household to be out of the home 60 minutes before our scheduled arrival (except for one if you prefer) for an initial cleaning.

  • The remaining occupant must, as stated above, must pick a room and stay in it for the entirety of the cleaning. 

  • If you must be out of your room you must WEAR A MASK.  


Please continue to support your local businesses, we need each other now more than ever.  One week of paying sick leave for an entire staff, on top of a few cancellations/postponements, can close a small business for good.


Pet Friendly


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